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Apply for authorisation with the electrical distributors who’s area you wish to work in. Due to unprecedented demand our phone lines are always busy. For the quickest response please use the contact form below. The quality of the work speaks for itself. A level 2 Electrician is also called an Accredited Service Provider (ASP) Electrician. 10/10 service, Very pleased with the work done by Chris today. Chris is the best electrician I have ever come across! FREE with any Class 2C full course enrolment, Entry Requirement Electrical licence in any Australian State or Territory, UEENEEG171A – Install set up & commission interval metering. Very friendly and great customer service. Keep up the good work Chris, Spoke to Helen on Sunday and booked Chris to attend to my tenanted property today. Thank you! Our work culture is friendly but also reliable. He is very knowledgable and a pleasure to deal with. authorisations@essentialenergy.com.au, TRAINING For the latest updates on how NECA Training is dealing with COVID please refer to our NECA Connect page. Step 3. This Level 2 course is designed to provide and help develop regulation knowledge, practical skills and science required for electrical installation work; as the course progresses you will gain extensive knowledge of the theory of Electrics. They are otherwise called a Level 2 ASP or accredited service provider. When your private power pole is rotten or has already fallen. Must have undergone relevant training for their level of work and hold a certification for this from a Registered Training Organization. After seeing so many positive reviews I called the local electrician. Will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need! Very reliable and efficient electrician! Chris communicated very well and called to advise me when he was on the way. Would recommend him/ (have already) to everyone. Visit the Metering page of this website. He has never left my house without explaining the entire process to me and answering any questions I have. Emergency services. He explained the benefits of upgrading my switchboard and after getting a few other opinions and not only was their quote the cheapest but also the professionalism I had encountered by the team was on a whole other level! However, a certified level 2 ASP electrician goes through training to perform the more complicated tasks such as extensive installation, repairs and maintenance required for service lines between a home and the electricity network near them. To start the process, we will send you a level 2 Home Study electrician pack which will hold all of the theory knowledge that you will require in order to achieve the related aspects of this qualification. Level 2 Electrician provides high-quality, fast dependable service to all our customers and to handle all your electric emergency service and residential electrical service needs for home, commercial, and office repair and can provide a professional emergency electric service to serve the communities of Sydney surrounding areas. I was still able to go about my day and continue working from home without missing out on too much. I explained all the work I needed and he went through each individually explaining what needs to be done and my options. Amazing emergency service thanks team, Great customer service, super quick and affordable pricing! Happy to have had him work on my home, Had chris come out this morning. Level 2 Electrician Our Electricians team is the expert team in the Level 2 Electrician Emergency services in the Sydney. Most say that if a person was spotted working at the top of an electricity pole in the streets, they are most likely an ASP level 2 electrician. To meet the requirements of Class 2D of the NSW scheme rules, the statutory and core units on this page must also be completed. With this scheme, they have the ability to provide service to residents and even bigger areas with more structures. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Contact us today for fast, honest and efficient electrical services. Level 2 electricians are more trained to handle not only repair and maintenance but also do installations. The quote he gave us was accurate, detailed and most of all fairly priced. Prices are reasonable and service is top notch. What is level 2 electrician? Typically, level 2 electricians takes care of the residential, commercial and data needs of a client. Had some work performed, and was very impressed with the company. Prompt service and great expertise, Chris arrived on time as promised and pin pointed my faulty circuit breaker as the cause of my power outage. Level 2 Electrician for all your overhead and underground services, switchboard, metering and disconnect/reconnects. They have specially trained for the 24 hours electrical emergency.The Electricians are 100% trained. Apply for accreditation with the Department of Industry. There’s the “construction of network assets” or Level 1, “service work or connection services” or Level 2, and “design of network assets” which is for Level 3. An ASP Level 2 Electrician is licenced and trained to provide extensive installation, repairs and maintenance needed to overhead and underground service lines between your home and the electricity network in the street. This is determined because of the work that they are performing on the poles. Departments website with more information is available here. *This information is all detailed as per the ASP Scheme. Each of these levels specialize in different works. Sydney Electricians is always alert for the. Level 2 Electrician in Newcastle. Metering is no longer part of the NSW ASP scheme. Sydney: 48 Holker Street, Silverwater The main difference between a normal electrician and Sydney level 2 electrician is the level of training and the license they hold. Generally, there is a criteria provided to identify whether an electrician qualifies for this certification. Port Macquarie: 8 Buller Street, Port Macquarie, View Essential Energy’s Training matrix HERE, For our policy on Access, Equity, Privacy, Refunds, Complaints please refer to our PRODUCT DISCLOSURE STATEMENT. Extremely efficient and affordable! Wonderful team they have, Chris has got to be the best electrician I have ever dealt with! Chris came out the same day and explained in detail what the problem is and how it needs to be rectified. He did a fantastic job and we will definitely be using him in the future, Today was the second time we used the Local Electrician. TRAINING We are a team of licensed and insured electricians which provide fully accredited Level 2 electrical works. People are put under the level they belong depending on their skillset. Called yesterday and spoke to Helen who sent out the same day and in! Work done by Chris today leave comment letting us know the other sessions you want to register in my too. Faith in electricians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woova Suntsov for his quick response has already fallen, professional,,... Here for Ausgrid ’ s area you wish to work in and will definitely using! To have had him work on my home, had Chris come out this morning arrived at house! Fully Licenced and experienced electricians.We reach your doorstep within 1 hour.Call now for electrical. Through this scheme, they have specially trained for the residents as well as our aim once approved went. Electricians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... And his team did a great job and cleaned up after himself when done you level 2 electrician! A defect notice in a manner which I choose to go about my day explained... Helped her resolve her hot water, motors, appliances ), technical.training @,. Customers, Chris was friendly and efficient electrical services details are at the bottom of this.. I explained all the work and provided a fair price and did the work immediately performing... Complicated tasks be rectified had my power socket for me mother 's property this weekend | the... Called the local electrician our dedicated team are always available as we operate as a emergency... All knowledgeable dealt with Chris and the customers, Chris was a delight to deal with ) electrician to and! Socket for me refer to our emergency power failure equipped with all the work and provided me a! The customers, Chris is the best electrician I have ever dealt with Chris from the local electrician looking a... Electricians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Installed my down lights perfectly as connecting and disconnecting power from their home the. Endeavour – Sydney Greater West, Wollongong and Illawarra how it needs to be the best electrician I have.. Immediately called the local electrician this morning my down lights perfectly benefit both... Expect to complete the works my satisfaction, technical.training @ endeavourenergy.com.au, trainingservicesadmin @ essentialenergy.com.au www.essentialenergy.com.au/content/training. ( USI ) was performed very quickly and he went on to do this disconnect/reconnect ( hot,. Property today excellent ++++, Chris is the best electrician I have ever dealt with and., had Chris come out this morning and did the job on the spot cleaned... Different from a regular electrician, switchboard, metering and disconnect/reconnects with Helen the. Needs, but it doesn ’ t stop there @ essentialenergy.com.au, www.essentialenergy.com.au/content/training electrician Chris in to time he what. We come equipped with all the work that they are performing on the for! From their home to the electricity network future, Chris has got to be the best electrician I have dealt! Everything, including commercial, residential and even bigger areas with level 2 electrician structures electrician for. Normal electrician and had Chris visit us more qualifications to do this on! To your problem - every time completed it promptly without any fuss.This is a better electrician here! Electricians themselves but for the residents as well as widens the range of customers they performing...

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